• Design and Development : We aim at making good products at affordable rates to meet the everyday needs of people and primarily of those who have limited income and space crunch. While product development and designing, we mainly focus on design, price, function, quality, health and environment.

  • Production : Full drawings are prepared from small scale drawings provided by designer. To administer the design and cutting problems, a sample piece is made. Selection of timber per the standard thickness follows. After the rough carving is done which follows a series of events, the pieces are machine sanded and finished by a hand carver. Nowadays there are automatic machines that provide services like veneering, dovetailing, tenoning.

  • Quality Checks : Visual inspection is done for defects related to inadequate finishing, warping, discoloration and other visual imperfections. Several onsite tests related to stability and usage are also done like impact test or load test. Our products are 100% legal compliant. Packaging inspections are done to ensure that appropriate packaging policy is followed.

  • Finishing : Our products are durable, well-designed, functional and also customer and environment friendly. Svastika exports manufactures in such a way that sustainable solutions are provided for sustainable homes.

  • Packaging : While packaging, five main functions need to be fulfilled – sustainability, form, low cost, function and quality. We make a list of the approved packaging and construction materials to be used, which are then again approved and investigated from a sustainability aspect.

  • Delivery : Svastika orders are delivered to your home or workplace. You can either take your delivery at the front door or all the way to your choice of room. The delivery excludes food, fragile objects and plants.
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