Shri Svastika Exports

Shri Svastika Exports is one of the fastest growing furniture manufacturers and exporters in the country with a customer base that spans the US and Europe. We are based out of Rajasthan, a region famous for its architectural heritage, and bring you an extensive range of stylish, modern, industrial, artisan-crafted furniture with an emphasis on high design. We are committed to our philosophy of creating “Furniture for You,” and strive to make available unique, innovative classics that will add elegance and splendour to your abode for many years to come.

We believe that your home should be the place where you can be yourself; it should be the perfect heaven where you can unwind and relax. Shri Svastika Exports provides you with the product, expertise and inspiration to help you live your style. Whether you want to refresh the entire house or simply a reading nook, Shri Svastika Exports is the one-stop shop where you will find a fantastic portfolio to choose from. Every item is carefully created by our expert artisans and boasts excellent durability and longevity. Our product finishing is unmatched and is sure to impress our customers. Comfort and suitability for all kinds of spaces are key focus areas too and our professionals keep them in mind while designing the furniture pieces.

As a customer-centric company, it is our goal to constantly strive to provide accessible luxury that feels as distinct and individual as each of the people enjoying it. What sets us apart is our deep respect for customer satisfaction and experience. We have been garnering huge appreciation from our customers for our sophisticated range of quality, finely designed hand-picked pieces that keep up with the modern lifestyle. From miniature articles to design housing and institutional furniture, Svastika’s furnishings are made to match your own eclectic tastes.

We understand that what matters to our customers is how a design suits their personal needs. We therefore take care to ensure that every purchase is a personalized experience with customization options available in colour, finish and size. We are always open to craft pieces as per your specific requirements. We follow stringent safety measures in our business, right from the inception of the product to its final delivery so that we can offer the best user experience. Our adherence to timing is unparalleled too and we aim to deliver the best quality within the stipulated time frame. We ship our products within a few days of having received an order and we have an impressive track record of on time and safe delivery of our products.

Why Us?

We Cater To You

Our goal is your satisfaction. We are available at your service – before, during and after sale. We guarantee you the best products and services whenever you choose us.

Options are Open

Need to customize the product? We can deal with it all. We can find a choice for every budget and taste. We also serve our customers by keeping flexible methods for wood and iron and delivery.

Value, Choice and Quality

Ranging from traditional to contemporary to rustic, we have access to all types of home and office furniture. We can always order from furniture catalogs if you do not find something in our showroom.

What we do?

We, Shri Svastika Exports, mainly deal in office and in house furniture. We started in 2017– with a vision to make thousands of home beautiful and classy. The same table and the same chair may look  different to different people and they might also use them in a very different fashion. People want their homes to be unique and at the same time want a proper and apt space management in there. At Svastika, we craft expressive, creative and imaginative pieces that add elegance and functionality to your spaces.

Wood – Leather – Metal – Upholstery – Concrete – Cane – Glass  

How We Do It

Design and Development

We aim at making good products at affordable rates to meet the everyday needs of people and primarily of those who have limited income and space crunch.


Full drawings are prepared from small scale drawings provided by designer. To administer the design and cutting problems, a sample piece is made.

Quality Checks

Visual inspection is done for defects related to inadequate finishing, warping, discoloration and other visual imperfections.


Our products are durable, well-designed, functional and also customer and environment friendly.


While packaging, five main functions need to be fulfilled - sustainability, form, low cost, function and quality.


Svastika orders are delivered to your home or workplace. You can either take your delivery at the front door or all the way to your choice of room.

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